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When you catch your puppy's curiosity leading him astray, say EP, EP in a gently discouraging tone. For example, if you see him heading toward a tissue basket or starting to jump on the couch, interfere by saying EP, EP. The words are best reinforced with a short directional tug of the collar. Avoid touching your puppy when you do so, as any touch is perceived as interactive. If grasping your puppy's collar is difficult, attach a short drag lead (see page 35) for easier intervention.

My puppy knows what NO means-he cowers every time I snout at him-but at the same time, he's not too bright. He goes right back to the behavior, and I have to yell at him again. Help!

Your puppy is not dumb. He's repeating the behavior because he knows it will result in interaction—negative or positive just doesn't matter. And although he may look like he understands you, what you are seeing is pure fear. Fear is a completely ineffective training tool.

Flip to pages 84-85 for a more thorough explanation of teaching NO.

To ensure cooperation, when you visit the vet, go into town and resting while you eat, provide your dog with a displacement activity, such as a bone or a toy. It is like providing a young child with a coloring book or a video game.

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