Examine Lumps and Bumps

Give your dog a full body petting each day. It will allow you to notice any unusual lumps, bumps, or skin irritations. There are conditions that are temporary such as a scrape from a branch, a bite, or a fatty tumor; and other irritations that may get worse such as cancer or hematomas. Keep an eye on the area and call your veterinarian if it gets worse or does not go away. Here are a list of common skin irritations and swelling:

1. Fatty tumors

2. Cysts

3. Warts

4. Bug bites

5. Hematomas

6. Tender knots (following injections)

7. Tumors (cancerous formations that may be benign or malignant)

a. Skin cancer b. Bone tumor c. Mast cell tumor d. Cell carcinoma e. Melanoma f. Reproductive tract tumors

Always be on the lookout for growths and skin irritations that do not heal within a week. Speak with your veterinarian and follow her recommendations.

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