Find the Cause

First, decide what is prompting your dog's accidents. It could be

• Too much isolation

• Too much freedom

• A dominance struggle that has led to marking

• A maturity issue

• A reaction to stimuli or kenneling Then follow this hit list:

• Take a sample of your dog's urine and stool to the veterinarian to rule out parasites or illness. If your dog seems out of sorts, take him in for a checkup.

• Measure your dog's age against the following table. If you're unable to be home and your dog needs to go out, either hire a dog walker or ask a friend to help out in your absence. If neither is available, leave your puppy in a playpen with a papered corner (see page 28).

• Restrict water to daytime hours, removing the bowl after 7:30 pm. If your dog looks thirsty at night, give him a couple of ice cubes.

• Isolate your dog in a small room or a crate when you can't be watching or leading him. Given too much freedom, he may potty on the carpet or by the door.

1 Potty Time 1

Puppy's Age

Number of Potty Breaks a Day

6 to 14 weeks

eight to ten

14 to 20 weeks

six to eight

20 to 30 weeks

four to six

30 weeks to adult

three to four

0 0

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