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Your dog may give you a blank stare like he has no idea who you are. He's just showing signs of stress at having no leash to guide him and is testing his freedom. Follow these steps:

1 Lower your head to break the eye contact immediately.

2 Sit down, take out a favorite toy or treat cup, and begin to play with it or pretend to eat the treats yourself. Sometimes this works perfectly: if it does, gently take your dog's collar, say NO, and place him back on his leash.

3 If the above fails to impress your dog, try running away from him as you shake his cup or swing a stick playfully.

4 If all else fails, lower your head and walk sideways or backward toward your dog. Moving head-on is seen as confrontational.

5 Kneel down as you get close. Gently reach for his collar-do not be angry. Leave him on his long line and practice the exercise on the following page.

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