In a Minute

Think back to when you were seven years old and were called in for lunch You really didn't hear your name being called the first ten times. Your dog will do the same thing. Be sympathetic to his reaction, but teach him that COME is not a choice.

1 When you get this look, your dog's tail will be wagging, and his expression will be playful. Then he'll turn back to whatever he was doing. When he does, say NO firmly.

2 If he looks back, throw your arms up in a cheer and call out his name. Then run in the opposite direction and/or play with a favorite toy or treat cup.

3 If you must, approach him calmly, and secure him to the leash.

4 Leave his long line on for one week. Each time he gives you the "look," tug the leash and say NO. Praise his cooperation.

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