Instant Reward

Sandwich a goody between your middle finger and your thumb. Prepare your point signal with the same hand. Initially point no more than a few inches from your dog. When she reaches out to your finger, mark the moment (say YES or click) and reward her with what you're holding. Continue to practice this, pointing within close range until you see that your dog is catching on. Gradually increase the distance she must move to your finger as well as the number of successful touches she must make to get the treat.


Place some goodies in a snack pack or pocket. Point at close range. When your dog goes to your finger, mark the moment and reward her by pulling a treat from the secondary location. Increase the distance slowly, no longer rewarding her the instant she cooperates, but making sure to mark the second she reaches the point, and then treat a few seconds later. Slowly increase the delay between the point and the treat.

Gradually phase off treating your dog for every successful point, but always mark the moment with an enthusiastic YES! Good dog!

In real life, use the point to signal your dog to move in a certain direction or into a certain position. The point will also help her feel calmer with unfamiliar settings or people.


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u extend the pause between a successful point and the treat notice your dog's focus sharpening. Look to your dog when matches you and praise her increasing attention span.

This direction tells your dog to follow along at your heel. If you could converse with her in English, you'd be saying, "I'm the leader—follow me." Since leaders lead, you will need to teach your dog to walk behind you.

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