Introduce Stairs

Many puppies are thrown off by stairs: their eyes can't make sense of the depth and angle. Although it is tempting to soothe and carry your puppy, resist this habit. It will only teach him to be helpless. Instead, encourage a can-do mentality.

1 With a helper and some treats, approach the stairs with your puppy in your arms. Carry him to the third step from the top or bottom. Place him down gently.

2 Without talking, support your puppy's rib cage to alleviate his fear of falling.

3 Have your helper stand at the top or bottom of the stairs and excite your puppy with food or toys. If your puppy is frozen with fear, use your hands to guide him through the motion of walking the steps.

4 Repeat this process again and again, gradually increasing the number of steps your puppy must tackle. Look at him, talk to him, and praise him when he accomplishes this task, not when he avoids it!

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