Another option if you travel is to kennel your dog. Kennels have limited space and can get crowded around the holidays so plan ahead. Visit the various kennels in your area to determine which you feel most comfortable with. Here are questions to ask and things to watch out for:

• Is the environment clean?

• Are the staff people and those who will care for your dog friendly?

• Can you leave your dog with familiar toys or bedding? (If so, label the bedding with your dog's name/run number.)

• What do you have to pay extra for? Things that incur extra expense may include bringing your own food rather than using theirs, extra walks and personal interaction, grooming activities, and administering medication. These items can add up, so check ahead of time.

Some dogs enjoy a kennel environment while others get stressed. If you can, leave your dog/puppy for a few short stays to get him more comfortable with this chaotic environment.

Finding the Right Professionals appendix ^B

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