Lead Your

1 Secure the leash around your waist like a belt or hold it in your left hand with your arms relaxed at your sides.

2 Bring your dog to your left side.

3 Walk forward calmly, calling out your dog's name and LET'S GO.

4 If your dog races ahead, turn away from her (to the right) and walk in the opposite direction. Repeat as often as necessary to catch your dog's attention. Look at her and praise her when she's walking next to you on a loose leash.

5 Walk throughout your home, practicing the foundation commands listed on the previous pages.

Why do trainers always recommend walking dogs on the left side?

As most people are right-handed, convenience demands that dogs walk on the opposite side so as not to interfere.

My dog is unmanageable in certain areas of my home. What should I do?

Do not let her into those areas unsupervised. Take her into the rooms by leading her, showing her how to contain her impulses.

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