Lets Go

This direction says follow me. It is not an option, but you don't have to be harsh about driving that point home.

1 Secure your dog's leash to your waist, or hold half the leash in your relaxed arms.

2 Walk forward, saying LET'S GO.

3 If your dog races ahead, calmly turn away from her—to the right if she is on your left side—and repeat NAME, LET'S GO. Turn as often as necessary until your dog realizes that she'd better watch you for direction. When she does, reward her enthusiastically with food and praise.

Give this nonoptional direction only when you're able to follow through by positioning your dog. If she doesn't listen, don't repeat yourself; simply position her immediately, as shown.

1 Place your right hand under your dog's chin or her collar. Lift up gently as you coordinate this motion with the next step.

2 Brace her by placing your thumb and index finger on your dog's waist muscle and squeeze gently as you lift under her chin.

3 Repeat SIT as your dog relaxes into this position. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE


Avoid pressing on your dog's backbone. Aside from being discomforting, it will cause her to resist and challenge your direction. Instead, squeeze the waist muscle, which is located just behind your dog's ribcage.

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