Medicate Your

1. Let your dog smell the bottle before attempting to use it.

2. Give your dog a treat or peanut butter to pleasantly distract her.

3. Kneel down behind your dog and cradle her between your legs, petting her and giving her treats until she is calm.

4. Slowly lift your arms from the floor to the area you're medicating. Again, give her treats or peanut butter to ensure cooperation.

5. Medicate her as you tell her she's a good dog.

6. Never discipline your dog for being afraid. This may cause a fear-based aggressive reaction.



When should I call the veterinarian?

If there is any change in your dog's behavior, including exhaustion; a persistent hot nose; swelling; whining, limping, or wincing in pain; sudden aggression toward you; a growth or an irritation that does not go away or that increases; a persistent odor; eye, mouth, or nose discharge; recurring vomiting; bleeding from the mouth or the bottom; or bleeding that is excessive, call your veterinarian.

In the case of an emergency, call your veterinarian immediately, and have an emergency animal hospital number on hand in case of an off-hours need.

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