Own Stool

If your dog's eating his own stool, it's likely a compulsive behavior resulting from early puppyhood, when his mother would ingest her puppies' stool to keep the whelping box clean. Though this is probably the most grotesque thing you can imagine, in dog land it's quite normal. When your dog was a puppy, he watched his mom do it, and if and when he sees you scoop it up, he thinks, why not? To resolve this problem:

• Start a training regime immediately to help your dog focus on you and your direction, and not on his internal anxieties.

• Never clean up accidents in front of your dog.

• Do not react to your dog if he shows interest in his stool. He'll see your behavior as competition and gulp it down faster.

• If your dog's showing interest, refocus him on a favorite game: GET YOUR BALL.

• Ask your veterinarian to give you a food additive that will make his feces distasteful.

• After your dog has finished eliminating, spray the stool with something distasteful (see page 43).

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