Paper Training

Paper training (or wee-wee pad training) follows much the same logic as teaching a dog to eliminate outdoors. You'll need to pick one central location in a private corner near your main living space, although if you live in a large house and allow your dog to roam freely, you may need to place a few auxiliary pads in faraway rooms until she is fully trained to go in the one area.

O Place four wee-wee pads in the designated area. Although you will eventually reduce the number to one or two pads (after two weeks, remove one pad a week until you're using only one or two), having four to start with prevents many initial mistakes and highlights the area visually.

2 If you have a large home, neatly place a couple of pads in frequented floors or wings, and use them if your dog needs to eliminate urgently.

3 Take your dog to the papers, saying PAPERS, after she comes out of her crate, she wakes from a nap, or any other time you suspect she might have to go. Do not look at, talk to, or interact with her while she sniffs the papers.

4 If she won't focus on the papers, have her wear a drag leash and stand there with her until she cooperates. If she still can't orient to the task, place the papers in a bathroom or mudroom and keep her gated until she goes.

5 As she's going to the bathroom, say GET BUSY. Praise her when she finishes.

6 If she doesn't go and you're sure that she must, isolate her or keep her with you on a leash. Take her back to her papers after fifteen minutes.

Note: Do not interact with your dog when you wake up in the morning or return home after a period of absence until after she's gone to the bathroom. Use warm, loving, calm praise to let her know how pleased you are.

Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training

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