When the dog is in a main room in which the cat has previously enjoyed freedom, place the dog in an oversized playpen. In full view of the dog, shower the cat with a lot of calming attention. Over a one- to two-week period, these exercises will teach your dog to respect your cat's personal space as well as condition your cat to accept your dog's presence.

If your dog's chasing instinct is focused on moving targets (cars, bikes, even joggers), you need to teach him the term No in three very defined steps:

• Inside using food and other temptations (see page 84).

• Outside using these same temptations and more irresistible lures, such as other animals, saying NO to discourage his focus and YES to praise his attention.

• In a situation in which he will face, say, a jogger, use the sidestep correction explained on page 111: note the moment your dog focuses on the jogger, step to the side, and say NO simultaneously. Encourage HEEl and praise any attention to you, however brief.

Repeat this sequence, gradually working into environments where the distractions are more prevalent.

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