Set Rules Regarding Furniture

You may choose a no-furniture rule, select one piece of furniture specifically for your dog, or allow her to be everywhere. If you select the last option, I recommend teaching your dog to come up only when you give her permission.

If you don't want your dog on the furniture, designate a play station (see page 39) nearby, and send her there when you're together. If she tests you by jumping up, leave her on a drag lead when she is free in the house. If she jumps on the couch, calmly approach, say NO, and send her to her station.

To teach your dog to go to a specific piece of furniture, say that word, CHAIR, for example, as you lead her to the chair. Make sure that the chair is in a central location, or she may choose you over the chair. If your dog jumps on other furniture, either instruct her to her chair or to a play station nearby.

If you plan to allow your dog on all the furniture, teach her to ask permission first. Leave her on a short leash, and when she approaches a piece of furniture, instruct SIT and WAIT. Vary the time you make her sit still before inviting her UP UP. Sometimes, deny her permission and instruct her to SETTLE on a bed instead; otherwise, she may jump on someone's lap who won't be as thrilled as you are to share the space.


The Civilized Companion chapter

Before you go visiting or vacationing, consider your dog. If she's coming with you, she'll need her own bag filled with her essentials. "Travel" is not an idea that occurs to your dog, although she would certainly rather follow you anywhere than be left at home without you.

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