Teach Name Association

Help your dog make a positive association with her name.

1 Call her name and mark the moment she looks to you with praise or other rewards.

Note: You can also use a clicker or a target word to mark the moment your dog comes to yours your side.

2 Shake a treat cup, calling your dog's name as you run away from her. Throw your voice away from your dog when calling her. Praise her attention.

Note: Use a strong directional tone when calling to your dog, similar to the one a football quarterback would use to give directions in a huddle. Sound confident and enthusiastic.

How To Buy A Shock Collar

How To Buy A Shock Collar

Bark collars are a specific type of training tool that is ideal for dogs with a natural tendency to bark excessively, or more than usual for any reason. Bark collars are designed to provide negative reinforcement in reaction to the unwanted barking behavior. Over time, the dog will learn to avoid the behavior in order to avoid the negative reinforcement.

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