Teach Your Dog PLACE

Your ultimate goal is for your dog to stay in your house even if the door is left wide open. This is not a hard concept for her to learn if you enforce it consistently with the following exercise:

1 Establish a "greeting station," a location five to ten feet from a door to which you can send your dog when company comes to call. You will need to secure a short leash to something immovable in this area, such as a banister, doorknob, or piece of furniture. (If there is nothing else to secure a leash to, you can always screw a metal hook to the baseboard.)

2 At a quiet time, send your dog to her selected spot, saying PLACE.

3 Secure her to the greeting station and tell her to STAY.

4 Go to the door and open it. Stand there and do not respond to any commotion. When your dog is calm, return to her and praise her quietly.

5 Repeat this process until your dog is comfortable with this exercise.

6 Progress to gradual departures. Leave the door open and go out for a minute, then two. You may stand out of sight or do a task nearby.

Do not focus on your dog when she is anxious. If you come in and she is still restless, simply stand nearby and ignore her until she calms down.

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