Teach Your Dog STAND

1 Kneel down on the floor next to your dog and place your right hand, palm out, on your dog's buckle collar.

2 Slide your left hand under your dog's belly.



4 Relax your right hand on your dog's collar, and slide your left hand to rest on your dog's thigh.

5 Say STAY and slide your hand off your dog's thigh, and then off her collar. Note: The SIT-STAY and the DOWN-STAY are introduced in the next two lessons.

6 Stand up and step away from your dog gradually, repeating STAY to remind her to be still.

Note: Once your dog understands this direction, you can use it while brushing her. Initially, hold your left hand on her thigh/belly as you remind her to STAND and STAY.


SIT-STAY is not a complicated direction provided you progress through the lessons slowly. Nothing is more confusing or frustrating to a dog than to be taught to SIT-STAY one day in the quiet of your home and then immediately be expected to perform with company or in public. Instead, practice the following exercises in a low-distraction space, twice a day for ten minutes per session. Work inside for one to two weeks, depending on your dog's progress.

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