Teach Your Dog to Stay Sitting

O Slide your dog's collar up between her ears or hold the chin ring of the head collar to the side of her face.

Q Instruct your dog to SIT and stand with your heel at your dog's paws. Hold the lead above her head, hip level, taut not tight. Keep your body upright and calm.

Q Give the STAY direction with a flat palm. CONTINUED ON NEXT PACE

4 Pivot in front of your dog and pause for three seconds. Repeat twice.

5 Introduce motion distractions: march in place, hop up and down, swirl your arm. Repeat the sequence three times for ten seconds each time.

6 Return to her side (with your feet in front of her paws) and release her with OKAY!

7 Introduce sound distractions. Moo like a cow, bark like a dog, meow like a kitten. Repeat twice.

Note: Do not stare at your dog while you're in front of her—she'll perceive it as an invitation to play or as a threat. Instead, look at her ears.

Can I remind my dog to STAY more than once?

Absolutely! There are two commands that you can repeat to remind your dog to continue on: STAY and HEEL.

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