Teaching Lead

A teaching lead is more than a leash. It's a leash-belt combination that has five uses: it allows you to "wear your dog," providing a hands-free system of walking him; it enables you to hold your dog with a hand loop, providing him six feet of freedom; and it works as a short-station, a long-station, and a cargo-containment lead. Once you learn how to use a teaching lead, it will help you communicate with your dog all day long.

Introduce the Teaching Lead

To use the hands-free teaching lead system, put the training collar on your dog and then secure the leash around your waist as if it were a belt.

1 Begin walking in an open room, yard, or driveway.

2 If your dog walks ahead of you, simply turn away from him, say LET'S GO, and walk in the opposite direction. Do this several times until he is choosing to follow you.

Now you can teach your dog how to behave in the house without fearing that he'll bolt or get into mischief. You can also supervise his chewing, bathroom, and stealing habits. (See chapter 6 for more problem-solving ideas.)

3 As you walk through your home, give the leash a tug every once in a while to remind your dog to pay attention to you. If he's not cooperating, go back to step 1.

Use the Teaching Lead to Teach Station Stays

By stationing your dog to an object, you can teach him how to stay still. It's best to start doing this when you are in the room or nearby.

1 Select a spot at which to secure the leash, and put a bed there with toys on it for your dog to play with.

2 Take your dog to the bed, instruct him to SETTLE DOWN, and secure him with the leash.

3 Secure the end clip into the base hole to make the lead the shortest possible length.

4 If your dog can't sit still, stay close to him until he is more comfortable with being confined.


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