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Lead (continued)

Use the Teaching Lead in Different Situations


There's a D ring on the teaching lead that you can use to secure one end clip to create a traditional six-foot leash. Once it's connected, there is no difference between a teaching lead and another kind of leash. This is ideal when it's time to let your dog go to the bathroom.


You can use the teaching lead to secure your dog to the head rest. Simply attach the clip to the end loop on the base ring and secure it around either object.


When you're out and about with your dog, you have a traveling station lead to allow you to secure him to a tree or table in a pinch.

Note: Never leave your dog unattended in public. Ask someone to watch him if you are alone, and never lose sight of him.




Training Tools

The project of housetraining your dog is straightforward once you decide on the location. A bell to alert you, material to highlight your dog's potty, and a solution to mask the scent of an accident are all extras that enhance both his understanding and communication.


Get your dog to ring a bell when he must go outside to go to the bathroom. Hang a set of bells by the door at your dog's nose level. Each time you take him out, say OUTSIDE, stop at the door, and tap the bell with your fingertips. If after one week your dog is still not making the connection, lace the bell with a little peanut butter or yogurt ahead of time, and when you bring your dog up to the door, stop and see if he licks it. If not, show it to him. The moment he does lick it, open the door and take him outside.

You can also use a bell to teach your dog to signal to come in.


If your goal is paper training, you'll need to designate specific areas in the main rooms you share with your dog. Eventually, you can phase down to one place, as outlined in chapter 10, but initially, you'll just need to help your dog understand that he must eliminate on a specified absorbent surface.

To this end, I recommend using white wee-wee pads and rolling up carpet until this habit is formed. You can purchase wee-wee pads through pet stores or catalogs, or in bulk at a pharmacy, where they are marketed as human incontinence pads.


There are products on the market that can be used to mask the odor of a dog's housetraining accidents. It's important to eliminate this scent indoors, as dogs like to go to the bathroom in the same area repeatedly. Nature's Miracle is the name of the original solution, although your pet store may carry other effective products. A 50-percent mixture of vinegar and water also works well.

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