Test Your Dogs Personality continued

Test B: Puppies Over 5 Months and Adult Dogs

1. Call your dog in an enclosed space. Does he a.

Completely ignore you?

Look and consider, perhaps staying just out of reach?

c. Race right over or make a game out of keep-away?

d. Slowly come or allow you to approach?

e. Come quickly with a lowered posture signaling submission (if he left your side in the first place)?

f. Get skittish?

2. Approach your dog while he is chewing or playing with a toy. Does he a. Protect the toy with a stiffened body?

b. Playfully move his head so the object is just out of reach or tug to keep the toy?

c. Welcome your approach or play a familiar game of keep away or tug?

d. Lay his head over the toy or give the toy up without a struggle?

e. Give the toy up while licking your hand or wagging his tail submissively?

f. Look as if you're about to hit him or race away with the object fearfully and stay just out of reach?

3. Wake your dog from a nap (clap your hands above his head). Does he a. Jump up aggressively?

b. Wake quickly and prepare to play or look for a toy?

d. Only partially get up?

e. Look confused and either come to you or move to a safe place away from the noise?

f. Jump up and look frightened?

4. Take a box of cereal to your dog's level and give him one treat at a time. Does he a. Demand the box?

b. Take the treat and playfully try to stick his nose in the box?

c. Take one treat at a time, following your hand as you reach in for the next treat?

d. Take the treat or, if hungry, nose the box?

e. Take the treats one at a time?

f. Take the treat quickly or take it and go to the box for more with a look of panic?

5. Fall to the floor and pretend to grasp your knee in pain. Does he a. Approach you and sniff?

b. Playfully run to you with his tail wagging?

c. Run to you, putting his head under your body?

d. Not respond?

e. Act confused?

f. Approach you momentarily and then pace the room?

Interpret the Results

The answers to these questions will help you assess the puppy's or dog's personality.

• Mostly A's: Bossy. A dog who tries to control or dominate situations, is headstrong and self-assured, may challenge directions, and submits only to a consistent approach

• Mostly B's: Comedian. A playful dog who puts fun above obedience

• Mostly C's: Eager to Please. A dog who seeks your approval and is dependent on your interactions

• Mostly D's: Joe Cool. A laid-back dog who always approaches life in that manner. Although it sounds dreamy, it can be frustrating if you crave interaction or involvement.

• Mostly E's: Sweet Pea. A reserved dog who is cautious and depends on direction

• Mostly F's: Timid. A timid dog who may let his fears override his trust if not worked with consistently

Few dogs get straight scores. Like human beings, they are a mix of traits.

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