The Civilized Companion

There's nothing like a well-mannered dog—fun to share and show off, she is a true pleasure to have around. Children are delighted to see and pet your dog. Doors open for you everywhere, and people learn your dog's name before they even shake your hand.

On the flip side, a poorly mannered dog is overwhelming and sad. These dogs have little impulse control and often act like bratty children desperate for attention. Although you may learn to tolerate and love your dog regardless of her bad habits, other people won't.

The potential to be a well-mannered dog lies within your dog: any dog can learn impulse control and good behavior. Her ability to succeed depends on your consistency in teaching her. If you are committed and diligent in your teaching, both you and your dog will benefit, and you'll have a lifetime of enjoyment together.

Doorway Etiquette 166

Digging (If You Must) 169

Greeting 170

Housetraining 172

Mouthing 174

Chewing 176

Staying Off the Furniture (Or Not) 178

Visiting 179

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