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This game encourages following skills in young puppies and smaller breeds.

1 Tie a small toy/bone to one end of a leash.

2 Clip or tie the other end of the leash to your ankle.

3 Walk around. If your dog begins to tug hard at the toy/bone, simply unclip the lead from your ankle and secure it to an immovable object.

This game is a great way to burn up your dog's excess energy. It can be played indoors or out.

1 Tie an empty bottle or hollow toy onto a five- to fifteen-foot rope.

2 Lace the opening of the bottle/toy with a creamy spread.

3 Swing the toy around you.

4 Run with the toy dragging behind you.

Soda Bottle



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This game is great for athletic dogs who've developed a habit of chasing interactively. Play it with one or more soda bottles or balls.

O Kick one bottle or ball playfully near your dog.

2 When he alerts to you, kick the object for him to chase.

3 Immediately divert your attention to the other bottle or ball and repeat the pattern.

What about tug of war and all-out wrestling?

These games convey the wrong message, teaching your dog to challenge and defend himself in opposition to you. Avoid these games in light of the many other options you have. If your dog loves to tug, tie a toy onto an immovable object, like a tree or a banister, and tug with him.

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