Training Collars continued

Putting on a Head Collar

1 With the collar in hand, clip the neck section directly behind your dog's ear and slide it so that it fits snugly. It should be watchband tight. Although it may seem too tight at first, when positioned, the strap will lie on your dog's jawbone and will not disrupt his breathing.

2 Unclip the neck strap and slide the nose loop over your dog's nose into place, bringing the clip up until the loop is positioned just behind the dog's lips. When the neck section is secured, the two together should make a V shape, not an L.


Training Tools chapterĀ«

A leash, or lead, gives you the ability to direct your dog without grabbing for him. It is a calm way to teach him and its use will give friends and family a way to be consistent without physically handling him. Many leashes are available to you. The following descriptions tell you which leash is best to use in a given situation.


There are two drag leads that will help you teach your dog good manners and train him to respond to you. An indoor drag lead is a four-foot leash that attaches to your dog's buckle/tag collar or his Gentle Leader. You use it when advised to interrupt problem behavior calmly. It prevents you from having to chase or jump at your dog in order to catch him.


An outdoor drag lead is a twenty-five- to fifty-foot rope that attaches to your dog's buckle or tag collar. It enables distant corrections to problem behavior and aids you in teaching off-lead obedience. Purchase or make the lightest possible line so that it won't interfere with your dog's activities. A light cotton-nylon mesh is ideal: twenty-five feet for dogs under thirty pounds and fifty feet for large and fast-moving breeds.

This long line is an ideal tool for working on distance control, especially with the WAIT-OK, DOWN, and COME commands.


When secured to your dog's buckle collar, this short eight to twelve-inch leash reminds him that somebody is watching, while still giving him freedom to move about. A gentle reminder, the short attachment gives you the capacity to guide him subtly when his thoughts go astray. It can also be used for off-leash training exercises or secured to a seatbelt as a security system in the car.


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