Treat Cup Name Game

To make a treat cup, simply fill a cup that has a lid with a hole in it halfway with broken bits of your dog's favorite treats or cereal. Strategically place several of these cups around the house and shake them throughout the day as you call your dog's name. Once he associates the sound with pleasure, teach him the names of everyone in your home.

O Start with two people (in this example, Robin and Sarah—their dog's name is Daisy) standing six feet apart.

2 Say DAISY.

3 When Daisy arrives, have Robin instruct her to SIT before giving her a treat.

4 Have Robin send Daisy back: DAISY, GO TO SARAH.

5 Sarah now repeats the calling sequence and, after treating, sends Daisy back to Robin.

6 Repeat this process five times.

As your dog catches onto the game, you may include other people and/or extend your distance or hide in between callings. This game is a great way to encourage enthusiastic COMES outdoors.

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