Welcome Visitors Calmly

When visitors knock or ring your bell and regardless of your dog's reaction:

O Instruct your dog PLACE and lead her there with a short finger lead.

2 Secure her to her greeting station and tell her to STAY. Do not let her interact with or greet anyone until she has calmed down.

Is your dog voicing her protest, barking wildly when secured away from the excitement? Secure him within six to ten feet and ignore the barking. If it persists, consider a head collar or a discreet spray correction.

If your visitors are willing, ask them to close shop—fold their arms across their face—and ignore your dog until you give the green light. This body signal will transfer, and your dog will learn quickly that to get attention, she must sit.


(If You Must) The Civilized Companion chapter JAJ

Most dogs like to dig. Some dogs must dig: it's in their genetic blueprint. If they're not given an outlet, they will settle for houseplants or garden beds.

Dogs also dig when they want to hide something or when they're overheated and need to cool off. On hot days, make sure that you give your dog plenty of water, access to a house or garage, and a cool spot in which to lie.

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