What is your dog's focus? If it is your objects or clothes, separation anxiety is at work; see page 198. If it is a table leg or other furniture, your dog enjoys returning to the same spot; find a bone he enjoys and tie it to the furniture for the same reliability. Just remember: everything's chew-able. You'll need to keep the house picked up for a while as you condition your dog to a new chewing program.

If your dog has a hint of the comedian in him (see page 7 for a personality description), I'm sure he's tested out this game. With a surefire attention-grabber in his mouth, he presents himself to you for a good game of chase. It's time to turn this game on its head.

If he likes to pick things up in his mouth, he'll continue to do so. You can either allow him to run, covet, and destroy, or teach him to bring over and share the objects he picks up.

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