Your Dogs Worldview

Before you jump into training your dog and strengthening your relationship, it is important to understand exactly what motivates your dog's happiness. Understanding how your dog thinks, views your home, and communicates with you is possible once you look at the world from your dog's perspective. The impulses that relate him to a breed (or a mix of breeds), his personality, and his energy level are all aspects of your dog that will shape his worldview and his association to you.

Your first step is to develop a game plan, a roadmap to help you organize each day and deal with frustrations that arise. A consistent plan that combines training exercises and daily structure will make the most sense to your dog. If your technique is inconsistent, your schedule fluctuates, you're absent for long periods, or your reactions to your dog are harsh and overwhelming, your dog's behavior will suffer. A dog does not misbehave when he feels safe, understood, and directed. Learning about your dog from the paws up is the first step in creating a lifelong bond.

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