Competition Trainers Trick

Competition trainers rely on food and tennis balls to motivate their dog into giving a performance with much gusto and attitude.

While I don't generally advocate using food for pet/companion dog training (it takes WAY TOO LONG and is not necessary unless you're trying to pull additional points in a dog competition)... it's often rewarding to be exposed to the tips and tricks used by professionals.competition dog trainers.

In order to constantly have food ready to reward extraordinary speed, attitude, or precision, the competition trainer will wear what's called a "bait apron." This is simply a large pocket that is worn around the waist. Competition trainers will stuff this pocket full of hot dogs, Bil-Jac, Roll Over, Liver, or any other doggie treat that motivates their pet.

One of the problems with using a "bait apron" is that they get incredibly stinky, sticky and dirty.

Here's my tip of the week: Home Depot sells aprons identical to the "bait aprons" used by most competition trainers. They're in the 'Paint' section. And the good news is that: They only cost $1 !!!

So, when your 'bait apron' gets worn out... or it's just too incredibly dirty to wash with your other laundry... now you can buy a new one... without breaking the bank!

Dog Training Basics

Dog Training Basics

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