think he is free, and freedom STOPS becoming such a scarce commodity. Secondly, if he does decide to "take off' on you, you will always be in a position to regain control. (It's pretty hard for even a really fast dog to get away from you when he's trailing 50 feet of line!) So, what does the dog learn? He learns that, under no circumstance, can he bolt and get away from you. Just like the Alpha dog, you are the strongest, and the fastest. You can always out run and chase down any other member of your pack. And the long-line gives you this ability.

In essence, this is the same thing we do with the electric collar. We teach the dog that he can't outrun us, and that we can correct him, even if he's fifty feet away from us. The benefit of the electric collar over the long line is that the timing for your correction can be faster, and usually more motivational. But unless you're physically handicapped, this should not be enough of a feature as to disable you from still achieving great results with the long line. The benefit, of course, to the long line is that, a good long line will cost you $15, or maybe $20 dollars. A good electric collar, on the other hand, may cost you upwards of $200, $400, or even --for the fancy, Cadillac of remote training collars--$1500!!!

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Pit Bulls as Pets

Pit Bulls as Pets

Are You Under The Negative Influence Of Hyped Media Stereotypes When It Comes To Your Knowledge Of Pit Bulls? What is the image that immediately comes into your mind when you think of the words Pit Bull? I can almost guarantee that they would be somewhere close to fierce, ferouscious, vicious, killer, unstoppable, uncontrollable, or locking jawed man-eaters.

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