The Complete Dog Potty Training In 7 Day Guide Review

The Complete Dog Potty Training In 7 Day Guide

You may not believe it, but you can train puppies and older dogs to go to the bathroom on command. Many puppies can hear words that are repeated and associate them with what you want them to do. For instance, when your puppy is outside relieving him or herself, say go potty.

If you do this enough, the puppy will soon associate the phrase 'go potty' with relieving him or herself. This will train the puppy to go potty on command. Word association is the best way to train your puppy.

If your puppy goes to the bathroom in the house, you can say, "No, go outside," then take the puppy outdoors. After a while, the puppy will use this word association with something they should not do indoors but outdoors.

There is never a need to spank a dog when you are using command training. The puppy will associate the word 'no' with bad behavior and will learn to go outside rather than indoors.

The first thing that you must do is take the puppy outside and tell it to go potty. The puppy must stay outside until he or she goes. You will continue to instruct the puppy to 'go potty' until they finally do. Then you should praise the puppy for a good job. After a while, the puppy is going to learn that going potty outside makes you happy.

You should choose one specific spot for command training to relieve themselves. They will associate this spot with going potty.

The way you praise your puppy and treat them will have a positive affect on command potty training. If you use the phrase 'go potty', be precise and clear. Some puppies may hear the word as 'no' if you are not clear.

You could also choose a different phrase such as 'potty' or 'do your job' and make it sound less like 'no potty'. You can command train your puppy for any word command and they will eventually learn it.

The one thing you must do is be consistent. Do not use different phrases or words that should mean the same thing, the puppy does not understand this and will become confused.

When using any type of command training, you should use praise as well as little puppy treats. This just helps reinforce a good job and the puppy will associate the command with what you want them to do so they can have a treat.

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The Complete Dog Potty Training In 7 Day Guide
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