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The Complete Dog Food and Nutrition Guide

We have all heard the "horror stories" about the tainted, and sometimes toxic, dog foods on the market, AND ABOUT ALL THE DOG FOOD RECALLS. Many of us are aware of the poor quality, sometimes useless, filler ingredients in many commercial dog foods and the dangers of many foods cooked in our homes for our dogs. Even if you prepare your dog's food at home, there's the danger of feeding the wrong type of food.

They can rob your dog of… IT'S ENERGY, IT'S HEALTH, AND OF IT'S VERY LIFE ITSELF. You are probably just like me, and like most responsible dog owners, just want the best for your dog within a certain budget, right?

Alarm bells first started ringing for the author of Dog Food Dangers regarding dog food, several years ago, after seeing the pain an acquaintance, Sonia (not her real name) went through after losing her 2 dogs, one aged eight and one six and a half. One of her dogs died of pancreatitis and one of heart failure, both of which can occur as a result of poor diet.

It wasn't really her fault though. It’s not that Sonia was a bad dog owner, she just did what many dog owners do… And what I used to do, she fed her dog a standard dog food she found in the supermarket plus some regular table scraps. Like many of us, she didn't understand how to make sense out of a dog food label.

On closer examination, the dog food she had been feeding was one of the worst ones available. Simply understanding the label would have alerted Sonia not to use that dog food. Plus, the indiscriminate feeding of table scraps also contributed to her two dog's untimely deaths. And that was just the beginning for the author.

Ever since he witnessed the pain that can be caused by losing a pet at a young age, he started looking into dog food more closely. We all recognize deep down that our dog's diet is paramount to good health, just as our own diet is vital to our own good health. Yet, we are often unsure, or at worst ill advised, how to best manage our dog's nutrition.


To Keep Your Dog Healthy, You Must Discover What To Look For, And How To Properly Read And Understand The Deceptive Practices In Dog Food Ingredient Labels. This information he has put together will show you what some dog food companies don’t want you to know.

He put together the "Complete Guide To Your Dog's Nutrition" ebook and audio package over the last 11 and a half months. If you’re looking for a complete guide then there’s no better option online.

The Complete Dog Food and Nutrition Guide
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