Learning To Live With An English Bull Terrier

About The Author

The eBook was written by Roger and Heather Burningham. They have been living with their English Bull Terrier (Bullwinkle III) for years - right from when it was just a puppy, and in that time have come to understand how it behaves and how to take care of it. Knowing that a lot of people have Bull Terriers and other breeds of dogs and many times face the difficulty of taking care of them and controlling them, they decided to share their experiences with their terrier to the world to help other pet owners like them to know how to go about it.

About The Book

This book contains a collection of the experiences that the authors had while taking care of their terrier. It was written with practical instances they met and it explains in detail what every dog owner should expect in their journey of living with their pets. In this eBook, you will find revealing instances teaching you how to bring up your Bull terrier or other special dogs you have. You will also discover the fun part and sad instances that come with having a Bull terrier.

This eBook is centred on living with an English Bull terrier, but for the sake of general knowledge for all dog owners and considering the similarity in behaviour of the dog specie, the experiences can be experienced for other breeds of dogs. From this book, you will see that the English Bull Terriers dog breed posses many loveable characters including boisterousness and loyalty.

Many of the things you will find described in this book includes: choosing a puppy, finding another home for the puppy, how to go about rescuing a puppy, preparations you have to make for your dog especially in your home, the diets and kinds of food that dogs eat, how to train your puppy (like how to use the toilet or go outside when they feel like defecating or urinating), accidents you should expect and avoid while living with your dog, how to go about walking your dog (with insight on the use of collars and belts), the sleeping place and behaviour of the dog, how to exercise them and treats you can prepare for them, how to bath and groom them properly, how to teach them to understand bad language and bad habits, how to make them understand signs and more about visits to the vet.

This book was also written to reveal some misconceptions, gossips and untruths about the English Bull Terrier dog breed and living with them. The authors prepared this product hoping that their experiences will help its users by easing their paths towards learning how to live with the English Bull Terrier and even other dog breeds in general. They hope that it teaches individuals who own these pets the good and the bad things that affect their dogs positively and negatively respectively.

Benefits Of Purchasing This Guide

Here are some of the things you get to benefit from this book when you purchase it.

  • You will learn from the general experiences of the authors on taking care of their English Bull Terrier.
  • You will learn how to decide on the English Bull Terrier puppy to choose or even the breed of dog that will suit you, how to relocate them from where they are to another home and even how to go about rescuing and taking care of a lost dog.
  • You will learn how to make preparations for the arrival of an English Bull Terrier, the kinds of food you should buy and how to feed it.
  • You will learn what your dogs expect from you as regards sleeping, exercising, kennels that will suit them and treat for them.
  • You will learn how to bath them and groom them. You will also be informed about those early warning signals and health signs you should look out for.
  • You will also find out how visits to the vet affect the dog


  • This eBook was written based on the experiences of the authors while taking care of their English Bull Terrier; therefore, the contents of the book are more practical than theoretical.
  • This book was written by normal dog owners, therefore, it can be understood by any individual who owns or doesn’t own an English Bull Terrier, or plans to adopt one.
  • This book was written for owners of English Bull Terriers, but it can also be used for, re-homing, rescuing and taking care of other breeds of dogs or even general house pets.
  • This eBook is very easy to understand
  • The book reveals not just the good aspects of owning an English Bull Terrier but also the bad ones


This book was not written by professional dog breeders but ordinary dog owners with no training on dog breeding.

Learning To Live With An English Bull Terrier
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