The Complete Guide to German Shepherds

German Shepherd Handbook

German Shepherds can lose their way very quickly. Your dog can become one miserable misbehaved lot on the block. 

But worry not. 

German Shepherd Handbook is here to help you out. 

What is the German Shepherd Handbook?

As the name suggests, the German Shepherd Handbook is a complete step-by-step guide on making your dog the happiest, healthiest, and most behaved on the block. 

It is a downloadable PDF that contains years of research and knowledge of its author provided in the simplest language and format for you.

The book has a unique way of teaching and the methods explained in it will make training more like a fun game with your dog. As a result, you will not only have a well-mannered dog that doesn’t 

  • Chew on everything that comes its way, 
  • Leave its gruesome productions on your couch,
  • Show unnecessary moods, 
  • Annoy you with constant barking because it saw a squirrel, and 
  • Have any unhealthy habits at all. 

These are not the only results you’d get by following this book. 

On a personal level 

  • You will feel more connected to your dog. 
  • Your dog will listen to you like never before. 
  • It will come to you when you call it and go away to a designated place when you tell it to go. 
  • You will start noticing its behavior and be better at knowing what it is going to do beforehand. 
  • You will know the exact things that make it healthy and vibrant and the things that can bring down its health bar. 
  • You will find a greater purpose of helping other GSDs owners in your family, friends, or neighborhood. 
  • You will know the exact exercises, diet, and social behavior to channel its personality well into the kind of calm and collected dog you want it to be. 

Meet its author - a fellow GSDs enthusiast 

Michael Tapscott has literally spent most of his time digging deeper into the mysteries of German Shepherds. It was after he realized how neglected this breed it. Just because it looks tough and acts like it doesn’t mean it can’t be delicate or you don’t have to give a deeper thought into its care. 

As the author found out through his research, GSDs have a very delicate nature. They require extremely cautious upbringing and thus, require separate training. This goes to say that you’d have to listen to your dog before he rolls deeper into depression or starts acting all weird, not knowing his limits, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Yes, a goofy dog is a fun dog, but this breed is meant for so much more. And this very notion had also caused Michael to go about and interview hundreds of German Shepherd trainers, vets, owners, famous breeders, and importers.

He spent days on the end to know the very fabric of the nature of this dog. And after tireless 9 months, he compiled all his information in German Shepherd Handbook - the guide that is going to let you in that exceptional knowledge curated with care. 

Why should you trust this book?

A reader develops trust in a book by first establishing trust in its author. Michael is not like any other dog-owner. He is careful, gifted, and composed. 

He set out on the path of true knowledge of this breed and succeeded in bringing you its concise, actionable form. 

Some of the information is similar to that found in other guides. However, what sets this book apart from them is “insider information” that the author extracted from interviewing all those people. 

This information will help you get hold of the tips and tricks of people who know the craft of training a German Shepherd to its core. 

What’s in the book?

Here’s a summary. 

  • Chapter 1 is just an introduction to the history of German Shepherds and things you must do before letting them in your home. 
  • Chapter 2 contains the history of this dog breed to help you connect better with their roots. 
  • Chapter 3 has all the step-by-step information on finding the right German Shepherd for yourself. 
  • Chapter 4 deals with the nutrition of your GSD, for example, what kind of bones should you feed it; how to feed, and how to not feed it. 
  • Chapter 5 focuses on making your home safe for it.
  • Chapter 6 deals with training your dog with the help of that “insider information”.
  • Chapter 7 teaches you how to groom your dog for the sake of its health. 
  • Chapter 8 manages to pinpoint potential health risks your dog could be running into.


Besides the trove of information in the main book, you also get the following bonuses. 

Bonus #1 - Part Friend, Part family

Bonus #2 - My Everday Dog Training Tools 

Bonus #3 - Dog Diet - The Right Food For Your Dog 

Bonus #4 - Dog Bite Prevention

Bonus #5 - Dog Care Duty

German Shepherd Handbook
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