Dont Use Regular Cat Litter

Regular cat litter should not be used for dogs -- OR FOR CATS!

The new, modern "clumping cat litter" also clumps in your pet's stomach. It gets into his stomach when it sticks to his feet or coat and he licks himself clean. Cat litter also contains chemicals, antibacterial agents, and fragrances -- none of which are good for your pet.

Instead, use a natural litter such as "CareFresh" or "Yesterday's News." These are made of recycled newspaper. They're safe, non-toxic, dust-free, and environmentally friendly. You'll find them at pet supply stores such as PetsMart, and at health food stores that carry pet products.

If you're online, you can read more information and reviews about cat litters at http://www.sonic. net/marina/articles/altern8.html

A litterbox is more natural for a female than for a male. The reason is obvious -- males who lift their leg can spray urine everywhere! With a male, it's especially important that your litter box have three high sides, and that your dog be a small one. Some people put a vertical pole covered with plastic into the litterbox or elsewhere in the pen.

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