The Compulsive Retrieve works the same way

You start out by teaching your dog to open his mouth and hold the toy, just as you did with the Step by Step Food Method. Then when you get to the step where your dog must reach forward for the toy, you add negative consequences if he refuses.

Negative consequences means pinching his ear between your thumb and forefinger until he reaches forward to take the toy.

Now, calm down! Try this. Take your thumb and forefinger and pinch your own earlobe. No, don't use your finger NAILS! Just the PADS of your fingers! It's annoying, but certainly not excruciating, don't you agree?

The Compulsive Method produces the most reliable retriever. Even if your dog becomes distracted by something else, he will still fetch the toy because he knows there are negative consequences if he doesn't.

If you'd like to try this method, I recommend the following books to help you.

Beyond Basic Dog Training is a "bible" for those interested in the Compulsive Retrieve and precision obedience training, especially for medium to large dogs. Written by a world-famous trainer!

Competitive Obedience Training for the Small Dog is especially recommended for teaching the Compulsive Retrieve and other obedience exercises to toy-sized dogs. A great book!

Dog Breeding

Dog Breeding

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