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Confinement -- so your dog can't "go" in the WRONG place.

Confinement means that until your dog is housebroken, he is never allowed to walk freely around the house.

Confinement means every minute of every hour of every day -- unless you are sitting with your dog, playing with him, walking him, feeding him, grooming him, teaching him something, or otherwise interacting with him.

Because if he is loose and you take your eyes off him for just a few moments, he can go to the bathroom on your floor -- and the bad habit is begun.

Regular (or constant) access to the RIGHT place to "go."

This means you let him outside, you take him outside, or he lets himself outside through a doggy door. Or it can mean you provide him with newspapers or a litter box. He must have SOMEWHERE to "go" -- on a regular, reliable basis.

If the only place your dog has a chance to "go" is outside on a regular schedule, or on newspapers or in a litter box, that's the habit he will develop. If you let him loose in the house, then he can GO in the house, and that's the habit he will develop. So it's up to you!

There are three ways you can provide confinement and bathroom access.

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