Babesiasis or canine piroplasmosis is a disease of the blood. It is caused by a protozoan, Babesia canis, which is carried by the brown dog tick. The disease is relatively rare, but is always a potential hazard in areas that are heavily infested with the brown dog tick.

The symptoms of babesiasis include listlessness, weakness, little or no appetite, pale gums and eyelids, staggering and a temperature above the normal range (101° to 102°F.). The positive diagnosis of babesiasis requires a microscopic examination of a blood sample.

There is no immunization for the disease. Preventive measures should include the elimination of all ticks from the dog and area. Control ticks in the area by spraying or cutting down weeds and brush. Also, eradicate the intermediate hosts of ticks, such as field mice and other small rodents. (See Chapter 15)

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