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Up until now, your puppy's training has consisted of a series of corrections when he erred. You've been pointing out his mistakes after he's committed them. When he jumps on the furniture, you push him off and tell him "No!" If he misses his newspapers and stains your rug, you reprimand him with a stern "No!" and rush him, belatedly, over to the newspapers. He's lived and grown in a world of "do's" and "don'ts" and it's all been very bewildering for the young pup. But the time has come when the pup needs to be taught simple commands that will permit you to guide his actions. These simple commands are what we will call the pup's formal training.

Basically, the formal training is a command and response program; you issue the commands with the proper voice inflections, gestures and demonstrations, the pup learns to respond and perform the commands. He repeats and repeats the action of the command until he learns to associate the command with the proper action. It is the old "trial-and-error" routine. Eventually, the pup learns the commands well enough to make them part of his regular behavior pattern.

How well he learns his lessons depends a great deal on

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