Canine Delinquents

The number of canine delinquents in suburbia is steadily increasing. Their owners turn them out several times a day —or what is worse, put them out all day. The dogs are left to their own devices. They band into teams, gangs and packs that roam the neighborhood. All kinds of nuisances are committed by these errant dogs. They run over newly seeded lawns, tree the community cats, urinate on shrubbery and trees, dig in flower beds, chase cars, knock over and root in garbage cans, and engage in various other forms of mischief. Ironically, many of these wayward dogs have been well schooled in basic obedience and are models of deportment when in the house or with their masters.

You cannot expect your dog, no matter how obedient he is, to behave properly when out roaming the neighborhood in company with other dogs. The old saying, "Out of sight, out of mind," is very apropos. Basic obedience is no cureall. The efficacy of the basic obedience depends on your presence. The commands are control measures, not conscience guides. No dog is going to pause when faced with temptation and say to himself, "No!" If your dog is off your property and spots a female in heat, he's going to run after her, even if it means cornering her in your neighbor's flower bed. Likewise, if you turn your dog outdoors and he sights the neighbor's cat, he'll run her up a tree. When you are present in situations like these, you can bring the dog under control with a stern "No!" When he's out on his own and out of your sight, anything can happen.

Then what's the use of having a dog in the suburbs if you can't let him outside without having to accompany him? There's no getting around it, if you want to avoid having a problem dog and steer clear of the law, you will have to control the dog. And it is possible to control him and still give him the advantages of the outdoors. You do this by making use of the big advantage you have over the city dog owner-space. In short, you either fence the property or build a kennel area. By alternating between walks on a leash and free play and exercise in the kennel area, the suburban dog can have a happy environment and stay out of trouble.

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