Car And Truck Accidents

Dogs struck by cars or trucks may sustain severe injuries ranging from a broken pelvis to internal injuries. Such injuries are not for the amateur to fool around with and possibly cause complications. They require expert treatment. But first aid is almost always necessary, especially when severe bleeding or shock are present.

What to do if your dog is struck by a car or truck

First, remove the dog from the road or street, out of the path of traffic. Remember that injured dogs may bite. If the dog's mouth is not injured, put on an emergency muzzle. Slide the dog onto a blanket, burlap bag or coat and drag or slide him out of danger.

Next, get to work. Control all bleeding. After this, treat for shock. Examine the dog for possible fractures. A break in a leg is usually visible as a large lump or you may see part of a bone protruding through the skin. The dog cannot move the broken part. Do not move the dog or broken part unnecessarily. If there is an obvious break, put a splint on it.

How to put on a splint

Use stiff cardboard, wood, folded newspapers or 4-inch wire mesh for splints. Gently place the splint against the broken parts, with the upper and lower ends of the splints extending well beyond the break. Fasten the splints above and below the break with roller bandage, adhesive tape or strips of cloth.

If the dog tries to struggle to his feet and can't get his rear end up, he may have a broken pelvis. You can't put a splint on the pelvis. The best you can do is try to keep the dog still. Place him on a board, have someone hold him there, and transport him to a veterinarian.

After you've done all you can for the dog struck by a car or truck, get him to a veterinarian.

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