Changes In Behavior

Like the aging human being, the old dog becomes "set in his ways." He gets crotchety, grumpy, even irritable at times. In some instances, he may even be snappy. Any change in his routine will upset him. He's simply used to doing things a certain way for a long time. In brief, he's getting old. Humor him as much as you can.

The old dog can be very jealous and possessive. After all, he's been the center of your pet world for years. He'll resent children and other animals, particularly when you show them affection. Keep up the old dog's morale by letting him know that he is still important. And caution children and visitors about the old dog's feelings, disposition or infirmities.

Many dog owners get a young pup while they still have an old dog. As to the advisability of this, we don't have any opinion one way or the other. The decision is up to you. But we do think you should handle such a situation with care and tact. There's no doubt about it, the old dog is going to be very jealous of the new pup. Keep them separated—especially at mealtimes—until you see that there will not be any fights. Above all, keep reassuring the old dog and let him know that he's still the number one dog. The pup will have plenty of time to get his share of praise and affection when the old dog is gone.

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