Choking may be caused by a bone or other foreign object lodged in the throat.


The dog with something stuck in his throat will paw at his mouth and try to retch. He may also gag or gasp. There may be a bloody, foamy saliva. In extreme cases, breathing stops.

First Aid

If breathing has stopped, apply artificial respiration. If you are satisfied that the dog has not been exposed to rabies, try to remove the object from his throat. But, if possible, rush him to the veterinarian.

Go after the object in the throat as follow: Open the dog's mouth by grasping his lower jaw in your left hand, pushing down his upper lip so that it covers the teeth, holding them there with your fingers. Next, tilt his head upward, so that his lower jaw hangs open. Reach in with the fingers of your right hand and try to grasp the bone or foreign object. Work quickly and hold his mouth open. If in doubt as to his symptoms, call your veterinarian.

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