Constipation is common in older dogs. It may be caused by disease, improper feeding, lack of exercise and mechanical obstruction. If you look back over the symptoms of prostatitis, you will see that constipation is one of them. However, faulty diet and lack of exercise account for the large portion of constipation in older dogs. Swallowing foreign objects, such as sponge balls, soft rubber toys and the like, often results in constipation and vomiting among puppies. The swallowed objects lodge in the intestines and obstruct passage of waste matter.

Your treatment of constipation will depend on the cause. If you suspect the pup swallowed a toy or ball, give him some milk of magnesia. If this fails to produce results, give him an enema. (See Chapter 17) If the enema does not dislodge the obstruction—and it may be too high to reach—you will have to take the dog to the veterinarian. The older dog with a chronic case of constipation will need a diet change. Add more bulk, such as leafy vegetables, to the diet. Also give him more exercise. If the old dog has prostatitis, this condition will have to be cleared up before you can expect any improvement in the constipation.

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