Crossbreeds And Mongrels

You may have decided that you just want a dog, nothing fancy—animal or price. If so, you have a wide range of choice from among the many combinations of crossbreeds and mongrels. They have little monetary value, but they'll give every bit as much loyalty and companionship as the purebreds. Don't think that because crossbreeds and mongrels are purchased cheaply or obtained gratis, they are not highly prized by their owners. Of the 26 million dogs in the United States, more than two-thirds are crossbreeds and mongrels. And, along with the purebreds, these "cheap" dogs are the best-fed and best-cared for dogs in the world.

The crossbreed dog is the result of cross-mating two different purebred dogs. Thus, the puppies born from a mating between a German Shepherd dog and a Boxer are crossbreeds. The mongrel is a mixture of many breeds. You'll have an idea of how complex the background of a mongrel can be when you consider the following possible lineage: a purebred Collie bitch is accidentally mated with a purebred Doberman Pinscher. She has six crossbred puppies, four of them females. These four females are given away, raised to sexual maturity and mated to mongrels. The female puppies from this mating, when mature, are bred to mongrels, and so on.

There are some disadvantages in getting a crossbreed or mongrel dog. To be sure, the crossbreed will grow up to look somewhat like his sire or dam. But not the mongrel; what he will look like is anybody's guess. Neither the crossbreed nor the mongrel can be entered in dog shows or field trials. So take this fact into consideration if you want to take part in the competitive areas of the dog world.

You will not experience much difficulty in finding a crossbreed or mongrel. And often they are yours for the asking. Consult the classified ads in your newspaper, visit a humane society, or reputable pet shop, and check with any neighbors who have puppies they cannot keep.

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