The term "dermatitis" means an inflammation of the skin. Dermatitis is another one of those skin conditions with vague and various causes. Some of the causes may be internal, others may be external. The internal causes include food allergy, faulty diet, metabolic disorders and intestinal parasites. The external causes include insect or animal bites, blows, scratches, chemical irritation (acids, alkalis, plant juices, insect poisons, etc.), and burns, scalds, freezing and excessive sunlight.

A thickened skin, scaling, loss of hair and intense itching are the most prominent symptoms of dermatitis. The itching often becomes so intense, the dog will constantly lick the affected parts and will keep rubbing himself against chairs, tables, walls, etc.

Chronic dermatitis should be treated by a veterinarian. You can relieve the dog's misery by washing off any scabs with mild soap and water, then applying calomine solution or an ointment, such as Panthoderm, to alleviate the itching.

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