Dogandteacher Relationship

The pup will pick up his cue from your behavior. Approach the lessons in a playful manner and the dog will respond in a similar manner. Both you and the dog should enter into the lessons with a serious intention. You are not out to make the lessons a grueling marathon of learning, but neither are you supposed to make a big game of them. The pup is in school to learn some important lessons that will have a bearing on his future in your home and community. Show him that you will not tolerate any fooling and he'll fall into line.

You will find that the pup will definitely respond to your attitude during the training and thereafter. He will be affected by your pleasure or displeasure, as shown in your voice. You will recall from the chapter on instincts and behavior, that dogs are very responsive to the human voice. Your voice, then, will be the most valuable training tool. Learn to use it correctly.

There's no need to acquire the harsh or snappy voice of a drill sergeant. You will have to speak loudly and clearly, with enough firmness in your voice to show the pup you mean business. A lackadaisical or indifferent tone will simply not work. If you do use this approach, you'll soon find your pupil gazing off into the distance, his mind far away from the job at hand.

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