It's the rare dog that doesn't get into a dogfight sooner or later. The canine gladiators usually come out of the fight with various bites. Before you can render first aid, you'll have to break up the fight. Proceed with caution; too many people have been seriously injured trying to break up a dogfight without knowing how.

Remember that in the fury of the fight, both dogs will be snapping and slashing at each other. Neither of them will pay much attention to your shouts or commands. They're concentrating too hard on the battle and in not getting knocked down. You'll have to provide some strong distraction.

Don't ever try to pull your dog out of the fight by reaching for his collar. That's a good way to lose a hand or some fingers. If you have help, try this technique: each of you wait for an opening and grab a dog's tail. When you get hold of the tail, pull the dog toward you, quickly swinging him away from the other dog, and heave him as far as you can. If the dogs try to rush back into battle, block your dog and give him the command to sit. Have the other person try to chase off the other dog.

If one or both dogs happen to be tailless, you'll have to use another technique. Try banging on a bucket or flinging a chain at the dogs. If near your home, or someone will help you, get out a hose and squirt a stream of water on the fighters.

Dogs usually start a fight very quickly. They can be ended just as quickly, if you can divert the dogs from the battle. Remember, just don't reach for your dog's collar. Use as much distraction as possible, the louder the better. After the fight, you can attend to the dog's wounds. (See pages 236-237.)

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