Electric Shock And Lightning

Occasionally dogs get electrocuted or are struck by lightning. Electric shocks or lightning strokes can be fatal. However, until a veterinarian certifies the dog is dead, make every attempt to revive him.


Same as for smoke, gas or drowning. There may be burns. Treat for breath stoppage first!

First Aid for electric shock

If the dog is lying across a live wire, find a dry board or stick and pry the dog off the wire. Do this without sliding or pushing the dog over the wire, otherwise you will cause more burns. If the wire is lying on the dog, use the dry board or stick and flip the wire off. If possible, shut off the current.

Next, start artificial respiration. When the dog revives, treat any burns. Get the dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible.


Quickly start artificial respiration. When the dog revives, treat any burns. Take him to a veterinarian.

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